The Circle

Welcome to The Circle series, an Athenian Print special.


“This semester the students in JRN 110 are exploring diversity ethics in Journalism and striving to develop a journalistic voice and perspective that simultaneously reflects their unique lived experience and the world around them. Each student has chosen an issue to follow that is important to them and relevant to their community. Throughout the semester they will be compiling data, interviews, and outside news sources in order to cultivate their own extensive story on the topic. These stories will be featured in a weekly series called “The Circle” in the Athenian Print. Developing an ethical perspective and writing about issues that truly matter is a struggle in our culture that has become so overly obsessed with materialism, superficiality, and celebrity. While Entertainment news fills our screens, this series is an opportunity for journalism students to reclaim their voice, to educate Athenians on pressing issues effecting our communities, and to strive to become journalists that live up to the Mount’s Athenian Promise. We hope you will follow the series and tune into the issues Athenian’s are passionate about.” – Dr. Haggard, JRN 110 professor