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2016 election: Here is why you should vote in November

Written by Carsie Mendoza, Staff Writer The 2016 presidential election could very well be considered one of the most divisive and heated elections in United States history. With a Republican candidate who seems to have no filter and a Democratic candidate, the first woman nominee for a major party whose 30 years in the political spotlight has somewhat tarnished her reputation amongst voters; there has certainly never been an election quite like this before. However, regardless of what party you align yourself with or what values and beliefs you hold, because this election is so decisive, staying home on election day is not an option. According to a study by the United States Elections Project, in 2012 there were 222.5 million people who were eligible to vote and only 58% of this population cast a ballot. In another study conducted by Pew Research Center, it was discovered that 71% of these voters were above the age of 65. Those who were between the ages of 18 to 24 accounted for 41% of the vote. Finally, …

Want to help make Los Angeles the “best place to connect”?

Written by Jessica Flores, Treasurer  The Los Angeles Promise Zone Initiative is a project created and led by Mayor Eric Garcetti’s Office to provide youth with summer jobs as Young Ethnographers. It is an eight-week program that will allow the youth to “engage their neighbors in an assessment of quality of life, to guide decision-making within local government and measure how the Promise Zone is improving lives,” according to their proposal.