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The Adthenians: Student-Run Marketing Team on a Rise

On a Wednesday the campus is hushed; the wind being the only thing making a sound with it’s steady, soothing breaths going in and out of windowsills and doorways.


The new face of politics and how students can get involved

Written by Beatriz Garay, Staff Writer Change occurs every single day whether they are minor or major. But have you ever thought about a change within the relationships students have with politics? Ulection, a grassroots organization, is “a dedicated space where citizens, candidates, and elected officials can discuss the issues that matter to their communities,” according to their website. This program was created in San Francisco by Michael Henne and Daniel Alvidrez with the purpose of resolving the issue of money in politics, and also creating a platform where students and millennials can connect with their community’s political process. The inspiration behind the creation of Ulection was due to the lack of resources. “I found it very difficult to learn about the issues my candidates cared about… they all had their own websites and commercials and flyers [that] they created [which] lacked substance,” said Henne. Ulection allows people to join a campaign in order for candidates to build their volunteer support groups from the ground up, he said. It allows students to voice their concerns …

A different flourishing of the soul

Faces of the Mount Student: Ajeé Anderson Major: English “I wanted to graduate in 4 years. I’m slightly a stickler for sticking to the plans I set in my head. I hate the what-ifs in any situation. That’s my biggest fear, the what-ifs. My struggle was realizing that life is really, very unpredictable. I’m not a very religious person, but I always believed in the saying: “If you want to make God laugh, tell him you have a plan for your life.” I started off majoring in Biology and I came to this school to become a veterinarian. The school told me they had pre-veterinary; I got in and accepted it. Unfortunately, they lied and said they didn’t have it. I’m not bitter at all, though, to be honest. It’s part of my story. I remember sitting in my classes and honestly abhorring the material being taught. It wasn’t the professors – I loved them. They were all good people and you could tell that they were passionate and that they cared for their students. …

A Librarian in the making

The Faces of the Mount Name: Taryn Major: English “I transferred from Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois and yes, it’s just as small as it sounds. When I was there, I only had a couple of friends because it was so cliquey. Everyone stayed within their selective group of friends as if it were a high school and I didn’t care for that. Here, I have friends from all over. This school is so diverse and a lot nicer, if you want to know the truth. Another thing, it’s a lot less geeky, which isn’t a bad thing, but over there, everyone was socially awkward. It made conversations short and stale, there was very little depth. I grew up in Colorado and there’s not a lot of diversity there either. I only had one person-of-color throughout 12th grade. Coming here was what I needed. I’ve enjoyed the company and my new friends. There were few genuine exchanges between people at Knox College and I was unhappy about it. So, I’m lucky that I found this …

Band-aids don’t fix bullet holes

Written by Jessica Flores, Treasurer  Lawrence Ross’ presentation at the Doheny campus touched on a topic many people flee away from: racism. One of the many topics he educated the audience on was institutional racism on college and university campuses across the country, focusing on black college students. He emphasized the importance of not only diversity but inclusion in all institutions. Students were advised to voice what they want to see in their classrooms and campuses. As I left Ross’ presentation, I could not help but question the diversity and inclusion of black students here at Mount Saint Mary’s. I sat with black students Cierra Black, Sydnei Jones, and Amber Bradley, who also attended the event, as they reflected on the presentation and how it connects to our community. Sydnei Jones, junior, said, “[Ross] stated the obvious in ways we couldn’t in the past.” They have asked for more cultural classes at the Mount so students have a better understanding of all cultures. Cierra said, “All the black history I know, [I learned] outside of class. …

Why are you here?

Written by Anonymous *Poem submitted by an anonymous student Today I left my insecurities in the shower My tears traveled through my heart With rage, I almost fell apart Why are you here? Time felt infinite as I kneeled down with scorching water flowing on my back naked, my face covered in black Why are you here? You kneeled with me and grabbed my hand Together we faced my fear It suddenly became clear Why you are here.