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Dr. Nicole Haggard: Hold on to what matters

Faces of the Mount Dr. Nicole Amber Haggard is a Film and Media, Communications and Social Justice professor at Mount Saint Mary’s University, Los Angeles. As a USC graduate of American Studies, she focuses on women empowerment and representation in the media. Dr. Haggard’s famous phrase in most of her classes is “Why does this matter?” Her goal is for students to learn about what they’re passionate about and most importantly, learn more about themselves.“We keep it real and we have fun because we discuss topics on what matters to them.” “If my student can learn more about themselves and their particular worldview through the eyes and ears of my classroom, then I have succeeded.” Check out this video to learn more about Dr. Haggard. Photo by Tamara Murga; Video by OnJonet Williams Advertisements

Millennial artists use Instagram to shine light on social justice issues

Written by Pamela Ardon, Staff Writer As social media continues to grow, Instagram has become the new media outlet for millennial artists to showcase their artwork. This new generation of artists is using their artwork to express their views on social justice issues that are often dismissed or ignored. In other words, museums and art galleries are not so much the first choice anymore. Artists (mainly from ages 18 to 25) use their Instagram accounts to shine a light on subjects through all creative platforms including music, literature, film, drawings, paintings, photography, and more. However, they are also pushing and challenging the boundaries that art industries have normalized. Ojo Agi, 24, uses her art to explore and address the issues of race, gender, and cultural identity. The Nigerian-born self-taught artist aspires to tell stories that people of color and any background can relate to. She challenges to break the “myopic lens where women of color are often portrayed,” as well as gain a deeper understanding of what beauty means to her. “I hope in viewing …

Drudis Art Gallery presents: “No Human is Illegal” exhibit featuring “The History of the Poster”

Written by Tamara Murga, Editor-in-Chief Monday, October 26 marked the opening of the exhibit “No Human is Illegal” with guest speaker David Edwards Bryd, on the history of the poster at MSMU’s art gallery. Guests were welcomed to the opening reception with free cake, coffee, tea, and an evening full of awe moments. Posters of all shapes and sizes filled the white spaces of the gallery. Though many galleries have a particular piece that stands out, this collection grabbed every eye from every corner and angle. The use of bright colors, bold letter forms, and striking photographs, packaged an everlasting message: ” No human being is illegal.”