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Being at the Mount made me realize how powerful I am; I was quiet no more

Name: Ursula Grace Ortiz Rutter Degrees & Graduation Years: A.A. in Liberal Arts May 1988, B.S. in Nursing with a Minor in Psychology May 1989 Current Occupation: Registered Nurse in NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) What benefits and experiences did you gain from your time at the Mount? Being at the Mount made me realize how powerful I am, as a woman, to be and do what I want. That the sky is the limit, that I had a voice and it mattered and it made a difference in the world. I was quiet no more! How did your liberal arts education support you as a nursing student? My Liberal Arts education supported me as a nursing student by seeing the other part of nursing: the humanity! Nursing wasn’t just about the medicine, the biology, the diagnosis, the treatment, the anatomy, the physiology. It was about the person, their family and loved ones, their beliefs, views, perceptions, wants, needs, feelings, their soul, their experiences, their environment. It helped me to see the human behind the patient. …

This is the place for me

Faces of the Mount Name: Danielle Handcock Weekend College Student “For me, I wanted to go back to school so that I can get an education and teach my daughter better. My parents are educated but my brother and I stopped going to school. We got caught up in the wrong kind of life so when I found out about this school and the opportunity to come back to school, get a job, do something more productive so that I could provide to my child and be able to teach her from an educational stand point as well as give her more values, I thought this was the place for me.”

Democracy is only as strong as participation

Written by Cindy Carrillo, President This year’s Report on the Status of Women and Girls in California emphasized a recurrent message by all speakers, but one in particular phrased it as: “democracy is only as strong as participation.” President Ann McElaney-Johnson introduced the first speaker Mayor Eric Garcetti who was followed by Nancy Kirschner-Rodriguez, Maria Echaveste, and Dr. Musimbi Kanyoro. The conversation ended with a panel led by Mary Melton, editor-in-chief of L.A. Magazine, with Rodriguez, Echaveste, and Kanyoro that allowed the audience to ask questions via Twitter. At the end of every speaker’s speech, a similar message was delivered; a call to action accessible to everyone willing to create change and be a part of a better tomorrow. But how many asked. Mayor Eric Garcetti advised not to “look into big titles for change,” but rather, “[m]ake change where you are.” Students were encouraged to look into their neighborhoods to make a change in the local level and slowly move up. Nancy Kirschner-Rodriguez suggested reaching out to local women’s centers or any other organization …

President’s Note

President’s Note  I would like to take this time to thank all readers this past semester. We, at The Athenian Print, have worked hard to keep your interests satisfied when choosing and writing stories. As the semester comes to an end, we would like to wish all Athenians and faculty a successful end of finals week and great Winter break.

How will you pass your finals?

Written by The Athenian Print Upon finishing the Fall 2015 semester, the circle begins to sound quieter, library seats start to fill, and coffee cups are being topped off in the cafe. It’s crunch time for students at the Mount. Here are what Athenians recommend preparing during finals week(s): “I make flashcards and quiz myself. I handwrite study guides.” -Melia Person, Sophomore. She also recommends to de-stress in between studying. Melia suggests pampering yourself by creating a mini spa, doing your nails and face masks.

Word of Mouth 2015: what inspires you?

Written by The Athenian Print Student Affairs and The Athenian Print held another successful Word of Mouth event. With a beautiful sunset and city lights, students came out to express their thoughts on a diverse set of topics. They were welcomed with Lauryn Hill music playing in the background, hot chocolate and coffee, churros, and inspirational words written on wrinkled pages. The question of the night: What inspires you?

Your invitation to Word of Mouth presented by The Athenian Print and Student Affairs

Written by The Athenian Print The Athenian Print and Student Affairs would like to welcome you to our Word of Mouth event this Wednesday, November 11 from 6:30-8:30 pm outside of the Chalon Campus Center, first floor. This is an event where all forms of art may be expressed and shared with others. From songs to dance, and poems, the floor is yours to educate others on what you may be passionate about. There will be an open mic for all to use, complimentary coffee, churro and candy bar. Also, this is an outdoor event so please bundle up as we enjoy the beautiful view of Los Angeles.