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Word of Mouth 2015: what inspires you?

Written by The Athenian Print Student Affairs and The Athenian Print held another successful Word of Mouth event. With a beautiful sunset and city lights, students came out to express their thoughts on a diverse set of topics. They were welcomed with Lauryn Hill music playing in the background, hot chocolate and coffee, churros, and inspirational words written on wrinkled pages. The question of the night: What inspires you? Advertisements

Boys in blue celebrate big title

Written by Cindy Carrillo, President and Liz Charre, Staff Writer  During Tuesday night’s game against the San Francisco Giants at the AT&T Park, the Los Angeles Dodgers went on to defeat their rivals with an 8-0 final score. As the Dodgers are now the NL West Division Champions, their vision in the postseason is taking the overall championship title.

Scratch that, Magic number three is more like it

Written by Liz Charre, Staff Writer The magic number ten is now at an unbelievable magic number three. As the Dodgers continue their miraculous run toward another postseason, the odds are getting closer and closer. After beating the Diamondbacks these last two games, the fans can smell the glory. However, the Dodgers would have to celebrate on the road when they play against the Colorado Rockies this weekend and go on to play the Giants on Monday. With only three games to secure a spot on the postseason, the Dodgers will most likely succeed it on the road.

Magic number ten

Written by Liz Charre, Staff Writer Ten games. That is all the Los Angeles Dodgers need in order to make another postseason run. As the season starts to close out, the Dodgers are pretty much set in on the drivers seat. They are in first place in the NL West, they are 23 games over .500 and need only ten games to seal the deal in the fight for October. If and when the Dodgers succeed for the postseason run, then it would be their third year in a row striving to win the World Series. Many Dodger fans await to see if the World Series trophy returns to LA. The white and blue angels have had the longest World Series drought, however. The last time the Dodgers won the World Series was in 1988. With 27 years since, LA fans are starting to wonder if this season will end the horrific drought of winning the title.

L.A. life and culture

Written by Valeria Sanchez, Staff Writer Mount Saint Mary’s University’s Film, Media, & Communications department asked me, a Film & Social Justice student, to make a video that highlights life in Los Angeles. As I began filming and asking students from all over Los Angeles what makes this city so special, I found that the most attractive aspect is its culture. I learned that there is more than just Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and its beaches. There is something spectacular and beautiful that is palpable all throughout the city. The students in the video who shared their thoughts on what makes living in Los Angeles a unique and exciting experience made me value the city even more. In all, I hope the product encourages current residents to appreciate what surrounds us. And as for those outside the metropolitan city, see just how much the City of Angels has to offer.

Flask Mob takes over LA

Written by Kimberly Quitzon, Arts and Entertainment Editor Sparks flew in downtown Los Angeles the day after Halloween when photographers got together to roam the city. The artists started walking from Chinatown and finished between the buildings of the L.A. skyline, wearing masks, face paint, and equipped with fireworks. The group named Flask Mob is famous for their time lapse and long exposure pictures of people spinning steel wool on fire, creating a beautiful image of moving light. “It’s a cool way for creative people to get together and take awesome pictures in L.A.,” photographer Mark Escalante said. Originated in San Francisco, the idea was to use social media so people can get together face-to-face. Although the level of photography may be intimidating, all are welcome to join the group and tour the city. “I learned about this on Instragram, and I had to come,” a Peruvian photographer said.

Halloween at LA’s Haunted Hayride

Written by Alejandra Hernandez, Treasurer  This October get spooked at LA’s frightful attraction, The Haunted Hayride located at Griffith Park. The attraction is composed of a tractor pulling visitors on a pile of scattered hay as they experience gruesome scenes of aliens, evil trick-or-treaters, and killer clowns with chainsaws. The hayride is located up in the hills of Griffith Park where the zoo was once located. Its seclusion makes it more eerie. Once you enter, you encounter the limitless line to the “In Between the Dark Maze,” where people face their greatest fears as they walk individually through the dark with just a glow stick as light. As you continue to walk into the hay-filled area, you are led to the entrance of the main event, as monsters approach you while walking in line. Television sets placed all around show scary flicks, such as the “The Shining.” If you survive the hayride, you are free to visit other attractions, such as a carousel that rides backwards on the corpses of horses. There is also a section …