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Finding the right job for me

Alumni of the Mount Name: Jazlin Romero Graduation Year: 2016 Major: Journalism and New Media Minor: Film, Media and Social Justice Current Occupation: Freelance Writer and Social Media Consultant What did you gain/benefit from being a student at Mount Saint Mary’s University? I gained a lot of self-assurance when I was a student at MSMU, I figured out exactly who I was and was able to focus on all the things I really wanted personally and professionally. I expanded my education, which in itself was huge! I felt so lucky to be in college and really recognized the value and beauty of my education. The idea that education has the ability to make an individual think in ways they may have never thought before was empowering. Education is limitless and beautiful because it allows individuals the opportunity to make their journey’s personal to him/herself and chose they will apply that in our society. It was just amazing to me what I, Jazlin, was gaining at that moment in my life. If you could go back, …

Located in the Brady commons at MSMU Chalon, Los Angeles, the visitor’s dining room is under consideration by “The Black String” production team on Wednesday, Sep 8, 2016. It may be the “conference room where [the characters] will be meeting with the family and doctors” at a mental institution, co-producer Charles Bunce said. (Photo by Ava Graciela Rutter)

MSMU’s new psychological thriller in the works: A throwback to suburban horror

Written by Ava Graciela Rutter, Staff Writer On a Wednesday afternoon at the Chalon campus of Mount Saint Mary’s University, confusion marked the expressions of those at the student lounge. Even students intent on studying stole glances at the confident crew of six who were inexplicably taking photos of the room and posing with the video games and doorway. The group was assessing the lounge – not for maintenance or remodeling, it turns out, but for scenes in an upcoming thriller. The feature film, “The Black String,” is a psychological thriller written by Brian Hanson and Richard Handley for their MFA thesis in Film and Television at the Mount. The plot, as co-producer Charles Bunce describes, centers on a man in his 20s who has “a one-night stand with a mysterious woman. Then crazy stuff ends up happening to him, and he’s not sure if it’s really happening or if it’s all in his head.” Screenwriter-director Hanson reveals that the concept is rooted in an organic source of fear, “a collection of nightmares that I had,” he …

L.A. life and culture

Written by Valeria Sanchez, Staff Writer Mount Saint Mary’s University’s Film, Media, & Communications department asked me, a Film & Social Justice student, to make a video that highlights life in Los Angeles. As I began filming and asking students from all over Los Angeles what makes this city so special, I found that the most attractive aspect is its culture. I learned that there is more than just Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and its beaches. There is something spectacular and beautiful that is palpable all throughout the city. The students in the video who shared their thoughts on what makes living in Los Angeles a unique and exciting experience made me value the city even more. In all, I hope the product encourages current residents to appreciate what surrounds us. And as for those outside the metropolitan city, see just how much the City of Angels has to offer.

Fifty Shades of Grey, a review

Written by Cindy Carrillo, Vice President  From not having read the novels, the movie wasn’t all that horrible. I do, however, admit that I had higher expectations, but if you are debating on seeing the film, go. While listening to several local Los Angeles radio stations, the film reviews varied. One female said that in comparison to the books, the movie “sucked.” Another listener said that both the book and film were horrible. It seems to happen more often than not where fans of a novel dislike the films due to the lack of details and changes in the storyline. My male friend opined that the film applauded male dominance. My perspective was that the plot was unorganized as it went from Grey “sexually” torturing Steele to following her around the United States. She was never out of his sight, which came off as comedic in some scenes.  It appeared that Steele gave Grey a hard time because she was hurt by the other fifteen women he had before her. The contracts seemed to be …