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This is the place for me

Faces of the Mount Name: Danielle Handcock Weekend College Student “For me, I wanted to go back to school so that I can get an education and teach my daughter better. My parents are educated but my brother and I stopped going to school. We got caught up in the wrong kind of life so when I found out about this school and the opportunity to come back to school, get a job, do something more productive so that I could provide to my child and be able to teach her from an educational stand point as well as give her more values, I thought this was the place for me.” Advertisements

Democracy is only as strong as participation

Written by Cindy Carrillo, President This year’s Report on the Status of Women and Girls in California emphasized a recurrent message by all speakers, but one in particular phrased it as: “democracy is only as strong as participation.” President Ann McElaney-Johnson introduced the first speaker Mayor Eric Garcetti who was followed by Nancy Kirschner-Rodriguez, Maria Echaveste, and Dr. Musimbi Kanyoro. The conversation ended with a panel led by Mary Melton, editor-in-chief of L.A. Magazine, with Rodriguez, Echaveste, and Kanyoro that allowed the audience to ask questions via Twitter. At the end of every speaker’s speech, a similar message was delivered; a call to action accessible to everyone willing to create change and be a part of a better tomorrow. But how many asked. Mayor Eric Garcetti advised not to “look into big titles for change,” but rather, “[m]ake change where you are.” Students were encouraged to look into their neighborhoods to make a change in the local level and slowly move up. Nancy Kirschner-Rodriguez suggested reaching out to local women’s centers or any other organization …

Why I will be returning to next years Women’s Leadership Conference

Written by Carla Canas, Staff Writer Attending the 2015 Women’s Leadership Conference was an incredibly empowering event. I will definitely attend again next year. Growing up with a single mother and witnessing every single struggle she had to overcome was something that made me appreciate all of her hard work not only as a mother but as a working parent. This conference made me realize how strong of a woman my mother is and how she, herself, is a leader in society.

MSMU presents: The 2015 Women’s Leadership Conference

Written by Kimberly Quitzon, Vice President Mount Saint Mary’s University celebrated 40 years of leadership this Saturday at the 2015 Women’s Leadership Conference. Students, teachers, and women of multiple areas of study attended a variety of workshops and presentations offered for the occasion. The event featured speakers of different fields sharing their stories and advice on how to be a leader and work in industries that are typically male-dominated.

The Athenian Print’s first annual event a success

Written by Alejandra Hernandez, Treasurer  The smell of doughnuts and Pike Place Roast filled the air at The Athenian Print’s open mic. night, “Word of Mouth” on Tuesday March 24. Mount Saint Mary’s students and friends broke their timidity barriers to express themselves through short stories, poems, and songs. The guests enjoyed refreshments at the fully stocked candy bar and a colorful mix of doughnuts to complimented with a hot of cup of coffee from Starbucks. Roses and candles placed around the room helped set a warm and relaxing mood to begin the wave of performers. “Word of Mouth” held place in an intimate venue in the university’s “Visitor’s Dining Room” that overlooked the beautiful sunset and Santa Monica beach. The event began with a musical performance by Kimberly Quitzon, Secretary of The Athenian Print, who gave everyone chills for her beautiful rendition of “I get out” by Lauryn Hill. Yearbook staff and Journalism student, Jessica Flores, captured yearbook-worthy moments and shared two original poems titled, “Metamorphosis” and “Excuse my language.” Both poems shined light …

The Athenian Print Presents: Word of Mouth

Written by Bianca Silva, President  Mark Your Calendars for The Athenian Print Presents: Word of Mouth!  Who: The Athenian Print What: The Athenian Print Presents: Word of Mouth! Where: Mount Saint Mary’s University, Visitors Dining Room When: Tuesday, March 24 at 6pm! Why: This event is open to all students for bringing the Mount community together and empowering each other through freedom of expression. Our purpose it to bring recognition to our club and create more student involvement. It will allow students to share their voice on topics that are important to them and showcase their talents in a positive environment. Those of you, who participate, will have the opportunity to share your voice with the rest of the student body. We would like to invite all students to share the same passion The Athenian Print has, in entertaining and educating our readers about issues on and off campus.  We hope to see you all there! ☺