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Americans look for silver lining as Donald Trump becomes president-elect

Written by Kimberly Aguilar, student submission “Make America great again.” For many people in the United States, the outcome of this election comes nothing close to Donald Trump’s popular campaign slogan. For immigrants, African-Americans, the LGBTQ community, and many more minority brothers and sisters, this can be either the beginning of revolutionary times or another dark period for those who have been harshly relegated. In the end, this is nothing the resilient people of America cannot handle. In 2015, Bernie Sanders announced his campaign sparking inspiration and passion into many like a million fire ants clustering around a crack on wood. Although he did not win the vote of America, he truly won the heart of Americans. His unforgettable presence in the race made way for unspoken discussions on debt-free college, Wall Street reformations, and most importantly redirecting money from politics into the restoration of democracy. His loss against Hillary Clinton extinguished the fire in millennials rooting for change, but his campaign sparked enlightenment and fueled the fight against a crooked system. Ultimately, it may …

Jorge Ramos explores racial hatred in the age of Trump in documentary ‘Hate Rising’

Written by Beatriz Garay, Staff Writer Hate in the United States is not a new thing. However, now with presidential candidate Donald Trump, hate is rising rapidly. Director Catherine Tambini and Univision reporter Jorge Ramos have teamed up to shed light on the beliefs and ideologies of white supremacists around the nation and how stigmas like these lead to all the hate crimes we have had recently against minorities in their new documentary Hate Rising. Since the birth of our nation, hate has been well and alive. Not only in our country but around the world: the enslavement of African Americans, the formation of the Ku Klux Klan, the Armenian and Jewish genocides in the 1900s, and the list goes on. Now in 2016, hate and rage are seen against African Americans and homosexuals all over the country. “…something that I’ve learned as a father is that children listen to absolutely everything. They know everything. So we think that these eight-year-olds are not feeling the racism? They are the first ones suffering from it.” – …

Donald Trump deports idolizing woman

Written by Beatriz Garay, Staff Writer Presidential candidate Donald Trump does not cease to surprise society. Miriam Witcher, a Pan-American woman, proclaimed her love and support for Donald Trump during his rally in Las Vegas last week when she climbed onstage. As reported on CNN, she yelled variations of “I love Mr. Trump!” and “All the way to the White House!” Following the rally, Trump invited her to dinner. What? The Donald Trump invited an immigrant woman to have dinner with him? Here comes the interesting part, though. While at dinner, according to Actualidad Panamericana, immigration services showed up at the restaurant after receiving a tip from a “patriot with a toupee.” Authorities later stated that her green card, printed on cardboard, was evidently falsified.