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Dodgers’ Dave Roberts named Manager of the Year

Written by Liz Charre, President Dave Roberts, also known as “The Skip,” has just been announced the National League Manager of the Year according to MLB Network. He is the second Dodger Manager in history to win this award. “I am speechless, I really am,” stated Roberts during a press conference. “I look back at those managers that have won this award and I am humbled.” The only other manager that has won was Tommy Lasorda back in 1983 and again in 1988. Roberts out-beat last year’s Manager of the Year, Joe Maddon, by twice the amount of votes. Roberts led the Dodgers to their fourth consecutive National League West division title back in late September. He then led the Dodgers to beat Dusty Baker and the Washington Nationals in the NL Division Series to move on to play Joe Maddon and the Chicago Cubs in the National League Championship Series. The Dodgers did lose that series but it wasn’t the end for Roberts and the Los Angeles Dodgers. In his rookie season as Dodgers …

Corey Seager becomes 17th Dodger to win the Rookie of the Year award

Written by Liz Charre, President It was disappointing to see the Dodgers lose to the Cubs back in October, but guess what Dodger fans? Corey Seager was announced the 2016 National League Rookie of the Year through a unanimous decision. Monday night was the first day to present awards to Major League Baseball players who have shown their talent throughout this season. Seager is the 17th Dodger to be given the Rookie of the Year award. It has been the second consecutive year since a player has been given this award through a unanimous decision. Last year it was given to Kris Bryant from the Chicago Cubs. The last Dodger to receive this award was Todd Hollandsworth back in 1996. The Dodgers organization has had a Rookie of the Year for every position except third base. “It’s going to be a great night,” Seager said when he heard the news of his award. “I have friends, family, and coaches here with me today to celebrate.” He thanked all of his friends, family, coaches, and Dodger …

Giants lose 6-5 to Cubs, eliminated from NLDS

Written by Liz Charre, President All good things come to an end. In this case, the San Francisco Giants lost their opportunity to head into the World Series on Tuesday night at AT&T Park against the Chicago Cubs. They are now eliminated from the National League Division Series. The Giants were three outs away from forcing a decisive game 5. Both teams would have traveled back to Chicago to play the deciding game. Then, the winner would have faced the winning team from the Nationals/Dodger game on Thursday. Unfortunately, the Giants will not be given that opportunity because their bullpen blew it in the ninth inning. Down by three runs, the Cubs managed to score four runs to win Tuesday’s game and move onto their second consecutive National League Championship Series. A stadium filled with cheerful Giants fans came to a silence as the Cubs managed to make the biggest comeback in postseason history. Giants fans were left in disbelief. Even-years have been magical for the Giants since they have won three World Series Championships …

Dodgers Clinch the National League West for the fourth year and say goodbye to Vin Scully

Written by Liz Charre, President What an amazing end to a Dodger home stand, honoring Vin Scully on the incredible 67 years with the organization and clinching the National League West for the fourth year straight. The Dodgers ball club is the first team in the National League West to win four straight NL West titles. The Los Angeles Dodgers, who were eight games back from the Giants 90 days ago, are now at the top once again. Ever since the All-Star Break, the Dodgers have shown that they could possibly be a World Series contender. Having lost Kershaw through the majority of the season, many fans had their doubts on the Dodgers even making the postseason. But, things turned out better than expected. Now with Kershaw back in the rotation the Dodgers look to end their drought of a World Series appearance. The magic number was one as of Saturday night. As the Dodgers entered Sunday’s game with the motive to not only sweep the Rockies but win their division, a bump in the …

Baseball is back

Written by Liz Charre, Staff Writer Fans, it’s that time of year again. It’s that time to put on your favorite baseball hats, jerseys and start piling up the hot dogs and beer because baseball season is officially back. It’s been a long offseason with major trades occurring beginning with pitchers David Price and Zach Greinke who made historical deals with the Boston Red Sox and the Arizona Diamondbacks. Other trades have occurred and major announcements have commenced. Among them, David Ortiz, known as “Big Papi” from the Boston Red Sox, has decided to retire after this season. With talent off the charts this season, there are many reasons to hit the ballpark this summer. In this pool of talented players, Dodgers’ shortstop Corey Seager is one to look out for. He made his MLB debut late last season but is ready to show his skills this year. Another player that fans should look out for is Japanese pitcher Kenta Maeda, who will pitch for the Dodgers. Maeda has proved during spring training that he …

Dodgers loss in game 5

Written by Cindy Carrillo, President In game 5 of the National League Division Series, The Los Angeles Dodgers took on the New York Mets in LA with game time at 5 p.m. With the series being tied at 2-2, the winner of this game determined who would move on to the National League Championship. The team came out with their one-two punch, as Clayton Kershaw pitched in game 4, and Zack Greinke starting game 5. With the Mets first up to bat, they scored one run in the top of the first inning, and the Dodgers came back scoring two in the bottom of the same inning.

Boys in blue celebrate big title

Written by Cindy Carrillo, President and Liz Charre, Staff Writer  During Tuesday night’s game against the San Francisco Giants at the AT&T Park, the Los Angeles Dodgers went on to defeat their rivals with an 8-0 final score. As the Dodgers are now the NL West Division Champions, their vision in the postseason is taking the overall championship title.

Scratch that, Magic number three is more like it

Written by Liz Charre, Staff Writer The magic number ten is now at an unbelievable magic number three. As the Dodgers continue their miraculous run toward another postseason, the odds are getting closer and closer. After beating the Diamondbacks these last two games, the fans can smell the glory. However, the Dodgers would have to celebrate on the road when they play against the Colorado Rockies this weekend and go on to play the Giants on Monday. With only three games to secure a spot on the postseason, the Dodgers will most likely succeed it on the road.

Magic number ten

Written by Liz Charre, Staff Writer Ten games. That is all the Los Angeles Dodgers need in order to make another postseason run. As the season starts to close out, the Dodgers are pretty much set in on the drivers seat. They are in first place in the NL West, they are 23 games over .500 and need only ten games to seal the deal in the fight for October. If and when the Dodgers succeed for the postseason run, then it would be their third year in a row striving to win the World Series. Many Dodger fans await to see if the World Series trophy returns to LA. The white and blue angels have had the longest World Series drought, however. The last time the Dodgers won the World Series was in 1988. With 27 years since, LA fans are starting to wonder if this season will end the horrific drought of winning the title.

LA Dodgers’ postseason ends arubtly

Written by Kimberly Quitzon, staff writer, and Julia Ruiz, Editor-in-Chief There was strong energy roaring through Dodger Stadium on September 24 when the Los Angeles Dodgers clinched the National League Division West title after defeating the San Francisco Giants 9-1. The sold out stadium was packed with fans blowing bubbles after homeruns and chanting “MVP” for Clayton Kershaw. Kershaw wowed fans with his behind-the-back catch to throw out pitcher Tim Hudson and with his first career triple. Yasiel Puig hit a home run for the team and, from then on, the Dodgers were unstoppable. After Brian Wilson threw the last pitch of the game, the stadium went crazy. The team in the dugout ran on the field pouring gallons of Gatorade on Kershaw and Puig during their post game interviews. To bask in the glory of their win, the players ran around the field spraying champagne on fans, taking pictures, and shaking hands. However the Dodgers were unable to keep the momentum going. Being 2-1 down in the National League Division Series against the St. Louis …