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Chalon and Doheny libraries undergo inventory colorfully

Written by Carsie Mendoza, Staff Writer When students on the Doheny and Chalon campuses returned to classes this fall, the libraries were probably much more colorful than they were originally expected to be. A project that has been in the works since the 1970s has finally come to fruition. In the late 1970s, MSMU received funding to digitalize the library catalog in contrast to the card catalog system that was currently in place. Unfortunately, there were not enough funds so not all books were able to be put into the system. This meant that the library had books ready to be checked out but weren’t because they didn’t exist in the catalog. Then in 2014, things began to change. I sat down with MSMU’s Interim Director of Libraries, Dr. Ruth Jackson, as she explained how this project that had been stalled for years, finally was getting achieved. Jackson explained that “MSMU authorized a needs-assessment study of the library and they employed one of the top consulting firms, Aaron Cohen… One of his recommendations was that …

President’s Note

President’s Note  I would like to take this time to thank all readers this past semester. We, at The Athenian Print, have worked hard to keep your interests satisfied when choosing and writing stories. As the semester comes to an end, we would like to wish all Athenians and faculty a successful end of finals week and great Winter break.

Wellness Fair

Written by Jamila Valiente, Staff Writer  The Mount has hosted fairs for years: the Student Involvement Fair, the Spring Carnival Fair, the Major and Minor Fair, and many more. On September 24, a new surprise came to the Mount: the Wellness Fair hosted by the Chalon Student Health Services. The Wellness Fair was an event dedicated to teaching the importance of well-being to the students. Seven areas of health were covered at the fair, including relationship advice, the “Zen Zone,” self-defense strategies, and vaccination information. Under the supervision and coordination of Director Beryl Salvatore of the Student Health Services and office manager Michelle Catipon, the Chalon and Doheny Student Health Services staff all came together to share important information to the students on how to take care of themselves in a variety of ways. The Student Health Services team has advocated for the Mount students’ (as well as faculty’s) safety and health, hoping to inform them with the most accurate information possible. The fair had been planned since July with every detail thought out and cared for …