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Dr. Emerald Archer- An Ambassador for Unstoppable Women

By Caitlyn Keeve   As the only women’s university in Los Angeles, and as our Unstoppable mission suggests, we are a community that persists towards the line of equality. In the past year, a number of Centers have been introduced with that same underlying spirit of daring advocacy. The Center for the Advancement of Women is a welcome addition to our campus-wide commitment to extend the conversation surrounding gender parity and activism. Dr. Emerald Archer, the Center Director, sees it as the first “outward and public-facing” space for both faculty and students at Mount Saint Mary’s University. In short, all the events and unique programming hosted by the Center for the Advancement of Women are meant to be both interactive and thought-provoking for students, faculty, staff, alumnae and community members. Although the message of empowerment is never far away from any one office or classroom, so far in her first year, Dr. Archer has worked with faculty and staff to produce our major gender equity initiatives on campus. Leadership, Research and Advocacy are the three …

Making Sacrifices to Pursue a Lifelong Goal

  Jared De los Reyes, a second-year pre-nursing major with a minor in film and media, has gone through several obstacles in his two years at Mount Saint Mary’s University to get to where he is at today. Jared who is involved in many clubs and organizations such as WISH, Latinas Unidas, Women in Film and Media and others has had to manage all of these organizations along with peer tutoring and working at the library. “You have to make a sacrifice,” says Jared. “Sometimes you can’t hang out with friends because you have to worry about yourself first.” As a male pre-nursing student, he understands the pressure of getting accepted into the program since he is considered a minority but continues to strive to become the best student he could possibly be. Jared wants to be successful for his grandparents because they have been his biggest supporters and he plans to become the best possible nurse or film student he can be. Check out his story!

A Twin Relationship That Keeps Growing

  By The Athenian Print Garret and Grant Vita are senior twin nursing majors about to walk on stage with their Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing on May 8, 2017. From being born just one minute apart to going to the same school since they were kids both brothers are ready to reminisce their time at the Mount and move forward as future nurses. Applying to the same universities, you would think that their relationship would be rock solid but before college Garret and Grant’s relationship was a little rocky. “Our relationship has gotten better because we are here to help each other, instead of fighting about grades.”   During their spare time, both twins enjoy spending time at the gym. They use the time at the gym to play basketball and lift weights. Throughout their entire four years they have been a part of the intramural basketball team and Pangkat Filipino. They have been devoted to both of these organizations since their freshman year. One piece of advice that both twins would tell male nursing …

I Am Here Because of Journalism

Professor Karen Fritschi, a Journalism and English professor at Mount Saint Mary’s University, is an inspiring woman who has influenced all of her students to become the best writers they can possibly be. Born just a few miles away from London, Fritschi grew up in Africa and found her calling of becoming a journalist. “The best job in the world is being a journalist, the second best job in the world is teaching journalism,” she said. With the love and support of her family she was never limited on the options she pursued in grad school. She was always told that she can be and become whatever she wanted to be and becoming a journalist is exactly what she did. After moving back and forth a couple of times she finally settled down in her hometown where she was able to receive a job as an admin. Although the outcome wasn’t what she expected, she was able to learn a lot from her experience. Little did she know she would soon be running the editorial …

As One Sister Graduates, the Other Begins Her Journey at MSMU

Adrianna and Samantha Garcia are sisters both majoring in Film and Media at Mount Saint Mary’s University. Adriana is a senior and Samantha is a freshman. From wearing the same soccer number in high school to both being in cheer, their sisterly bond has gotten them through the toughest times. Sharing a room for 18 years and now having their father diagnosed with cancer has strengthened their relationship. “It’s gonna take some time to get used to not having her here because I’m so used to having her around but, I’m proud of her,” Samantha says. “I’m excited to let her explore [MSMU] on her own but I am going to be a little sad since we have been going to school together since Elementary,” Adrianna says. The amount of love that these two young ladies have for each other is a bond that will never be broken. Samantha says “My biggest inspiration is my sister because she has been there for me all the time.” As Adriana prepares to graduate in May, Samantha has …

Giving Up One Dream to Pursue Another

Ethan Diego, a freshman pre-nursing major, had a passion for becoming a professional soccer player. For years he thought that if he worked hard enough his dream would become a reality. However, he came to the realization that he needed to pursue something bigger. “College is very important to me because as the oldest in my family, I need to set a standard,” Diego says. “I chose Nursing [as my major] because I am doing everything in my power to save a patient’s life.” Besides school, family means everything to Ethan. The person he looks up to the most is his dad because of how hard he works to put food on the table, pay for his tuition, and live a stable life. Since his father was kicked out of college, Ethan wants to be the one to pick up where he left off and be the one to finish. “My dad is everything for me, I am doing this for him.” Produced and written by Liz Charre. Filmed and edited by OnJonet Williams.

Dr. Nicole Haggard: Hold on to what matters

Faces of the Mount Dr. Nicole Amber Haggard is a Film and Media, Communications and Social Justice professor at Mount Saint Mary’s University, Los Angeles. As a USC graduate of American Studies, she focuses on women empowerment and representation in the media. Dr. Haggard’s famous phrase in most of her classes is “Why does this matter?” Her goal is for students to learn about what they’re passionate about and most importantly, learn more about themselves.“We keep it real and we have fun because we discuss topics on what matters to them.” “If my student can learn more about themselves and their particular worldview through the eyes and ears of my classroom, then I have succeeded.” Check out this video to learn more about Dr. Haggard. Photo by Tamara Murga; Video by OnJonet Williams

Letter from President: Word of Mouth Open Mic Night

Written by Liz Charre, President This event could not have been possible without the contribution of Athenian Print’s members and staff writers. A special thank you to every single person who participated in our event. Some things are extremely difficult to share but your courage and cooperation made our audience members think, reflect, and hopefully become inspired. Open Mic Night is a way for all students to express themselves in anyway possible. There is no limit as to what you can express or tell, we are respectful and open to people’s ideas and stories. A special thank you to Jessica Flores who assisted in planning the event, Karen Fritschi who provided the pizza and churros, and OnJonet Williams who filmed the event. We hope that the next time we have this event, you can come out, support, inspire and share your story. Photo by Tamara Murga. Video by OnJonet Williams.  

A professor’s call to action to worried students post-election results

Written by Jessica Flores, Editor-in-Chief After a week of receiving emails from frightened Latina students who are afraid for themselves and their families because of the new president-elect, Marcos McPeek-Villatoro, decided to write a letter to his students. He expressed his opinions about the new age of Trump and encouraged them to continue their education. “I’m tired of my fellow Latinos living in constant, unmitigated fear of the injustices waiting for them in the near future. We need to speak up, loud and clear, against the racism that’s made people of color, once again, the victims of pure hate,” Villatoro said. He presented his letters in class, in Spanish and English, on Tuesday, Nov 15. Not only does he want to bring this issue to students’ attention, but also the faculty and staff members to come together as a community to create change fearlessly. Students recorded his speech on their phones to share on their social media. “Professor Villatoro’s speech helped me feel safer as a Latina following the election results. Also, as a current …