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Foreign doctors’ path to re-license in U.S. far fetched?

Foreign-Trained, The Circle Series Within the foreign-trained community, many successful professionals go through the process of re-licensing. Others, for several reasons, do not re-license and often work in blue-collar jobs, or jobs that pay significantly less than they would in their field of study. What is the process? Why is it a difficult process? Because the physician path is the most complex, as opposed to that of law or engineering, I will provide a detailed explanation for this intricate procedure. Let’s examine the process:

Foreign Trained FAQ’s

Written by Tamara Murga, The Circle Upon introducing this topic in class and other audiences, many find the term foreign-trained professionals slightly confusing. As I unveil this topic that is not commonly spoken about, people ask: Who are they? What do they do? Why do they choose the U.S.? What kind of barriers do they face and why does this matter? Here is a general guide to better understand the surface of this complex topic, in which I will continue to unravel as the series continues. For now, feel free to read this FAQ-format on foreign-trained professionals.

A letter to a foreign-trained professional

Written by Tamara Murga, The Circle series Dear papá, It’s been about a month since you left home, here in Guatemala. How’s El Norte (the U.S.) treating you? I can’t stop looking at your photo, I keep it in my backpack and show all my friends at school. I tell them how proud I am to have a doctor as my father. Lucy says the same and mom cries almost every night. She still recalls the day that that mean gang destroyed your clinic. She’s so scared. But I’m not. I know I have a smart papá and that you’re setting up your new clinic in The States. I know it’s all going to be better for all of us from here on, right? We miss you and love you, Dr. Papá.