As part of Mount St. Mary’s University’s Journalism & New Media department, The Athenian Print consists of a passionate group of aspiring writers and journalists creating quality work for the Mount’s student body. We report on the local, national, and international news while encouraging creativity and thought. Our goal is to keep the study, the career, and the life of journalism alive. We are here to inform, to entertain, and to benefit the public, including our peers.

Mount Saint Mary’s University’s Journalism and New Media Department would like to welcome you to The Athenian Print. An online news source made by students for students. This is a place where our college community can come and publish their intellectual work. We cover events to help students stay up to date with what is happening on and off campus. If you would like to contribute to the site in any way please email us at theathenianprint@gmail.com.

The Athenian Print is looking for contributors, if you’d like to publish your work on our site, please email us at theathenianprint@gmail.com