Month: October 2017

Making Sacrifices to Pursue a Lifelong Goal

  Jared De los Reyes, a second-year pre-nursing major with a minor in film and media, has gone through several obstacles in his two years at Mount Saint Mary’s University to get to where he is at today. Jared who is involved in many clubs and organizations such as WISH, Latinas Unidas, Women in Film and Media and others has had to manage all of these organizations along with peer tutoring and working at the library. “You have to make a sacrifice,” says Jared. “Sometimes you can’t hang out with friends because you have to worry about yourself first.” As a male pre-nursing student, he understands the pressure of getting accepted into the program since he is considered a minority but continues to strive to become the best student he could possibly be. Jared wants to be successful for his grandparents because they have been his biggest supporters and he plans to become the best possible nurse or film student he can be. Check out his story! Advertisements

Fashion for all or the elite?

By Pauline Mikhail Pumpkin spice lattes, falling leaves, chilly weather, and cozy movies. Do you know what that means? Fashion week is officially upon us for the second time this year, and instead of Fall collections, the designers are showing off their new Spring collections, but, is it culturally appropriate or is the style for everyone to be able to wear? Fashion week is usually a fun and festive time but for the past couple of years, Fashion Week has shown us that if you are not gorgeous, slim, and white then celebrating its clothes is not for you – which usually includes the models. According to the Fashion Spot, “Spring 2018 was the most racially diverse New York Fashion Week in recent history. After examining 94 major New York shows and tallying 2,601 runway appearances, we found that 63.1 percent of castings were white and 36.9 percent were nonwhite. This is the first time that non-white models have accounted for this large of a percentage. Until now, the Fall 2016 season held the racial …

Athletes Shamed for Exercising Their First Amendment Right

By Kimberly Elmann NFL players take a knee and link arms during the national anthem in defiance of President Donald Trump’s tweets. On Sunday, September 24, 2017, President Donald Trump took to Twitter to tweet his views on how the NFL (National Football League) should handle players that kneel during the national anthem. About two-hundred players and their owners responded to President Trump’s tweet, and it was not the response he was hoping to receive. Trump tweeted, “If NFL fans refuse to go to games until players stop disrespecting our Flag & Country, you will see change take place fast. Fire or suspend!” This tweet, along with many other tweets, expanded a movement that has been going on since last football season. As football Sunday began, it started with the Baltimore Ravens, and Jacksonville Jaguars’ game broadcasted all the way in London, England. They began the response by kneeling together during the national anthem. Many teams followed that day by kneeling on the field and linking arms, even with their coaches and owners. One player …