Faces of the Mount, MSMU
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A Twin Relationship That Keeps Growing


By The Athenian Print

Garret and Grant Vita are senior twin nursing majors about to walk on stage with their Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing on May 8, 2017. From being born just one minute apart to going to the same school since they were kids both brothers are ready to reminisce their time at the Mount and move forward as future nurses. Applying to the same universities, you would think that their relationship would be rock solid but before college Garret and Grant’s relationship was a little rocky. “Our relationship has gotten better because we are here to help each other, instead of fighting about grades.”


During their spare time, both twins enjoy spending time at the gym. They use the time at the gym to play basketball and lift weights. Throughout their entire four years they have been a part of the intramural basketball team and Pangkat Filipino. They have been devoted to both of these organizations since their freshman year. One piece of advice that both twins would tell male nursing students is to not give up. “If you’re passionate about it, succeed it.”
As Monday quickly approaches both twins are excited to take on the world as future nurses. As they begin their journey as working adults they will definitely rely on one another to get them through the most difficult times. Best of luck to Garret and Grant on their future endeavors and congratulations to the Class of 2017.


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