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I Am Here Because of Journalism

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 12.30.34 AMProfessor Karen Fritschi, a Journalism and English professor at Mount Saint Mary’s University, is an inspiring woman who has influenced all of her students to become the best writers they can possibly be. Born just a few miles away from London, Fritschi grew up in Africa and found her calling of becoming a journalist. “The best job in the world is being a journalist, the second best job in the world is teaching journalism,” she said.

With the love and support of her family she was never limited on the options she pursued in grad school. She was always told that she can be and become whatever she wanted to be and becoming a journalist is exactly what she did. After moving back and forth a couple of times she finally settled down in her hometown where she was able to receive a job as an admin. Although the outcome wasn’t what she expected, she was able to learn a lot from her experience. Little did she know she would soon be running the editorial department.

After receiving a call from Professor Bunce, she decided to take her experience in journalism and teach prospective journalism majors. “The best feeling in the world is when students have an aha moment because they realize they can write.”

“Everyone wants to be a journalist but in order to get the job that you want, you need to start somewhere to gain that experience and then move your way up.”

Written and produced by Liz Charre.
Filmed and edited by Adrianna Garcia.


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