Faces of the Mount
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As One Sister Graduates, the Other Begins Her Journey at MSMU

Adrianna and Samantha Garcia are sisters both majoring in Film and Media at Mount Saint Mary’s University. Adriana is a senior and Samantha is a freshman. From wearing the same soccer number in high school to both being in cheer, their sisterly bond has gotten them through the toughest times. Sharing a room for 18 years and now having their father diagnosed with cancer has strengthened their relationship. “It’s gonna take some time to get used to not having her here because I’m so used to having her around but, I’m proud of her,” Samantha says.

“I’m excited to let her explore [MSMU] on her own but I am going to be a little sad since we have been going to school together since Elementary,” Adrianna says.

The amount of love that these two young ladies have for each other is a bond that will never be broken. Samantha says “My biggest inspiration is my sister because she has been there for me all the time.”

As Adriana prepares to graduate in May, Samantha has to learn how to live her life without big sister being around. “I’m going to miss her but this is her time to explore college,” said Adrianna. The sisterhood will always be there. No matter how tough the obstacles may be these, two sisters have each other to pick themselves up.

Written and produced by Liz Charre. Filmed and edited by Onjonet Williams.


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