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The Adthenians: Student-Run Marketing Team on a Rise

By Alejandra Matheu-Rios and Christin Villalobos

On a Wednesday the campus is hushed; the wind being the only thing making a sound with it’s steady, soothing breaths going in and out of windowsills and doorways. The only other thing making a sound seems to be coming from within doors of Hannon Parlor. If one leans in close enough they can hear… Ideas upon ideas being recognized and exchanged, built upon and redone. The epitome of hard work is felt through the four walls of a room full of thinkers and doers; the type of people to know that progress is never ending and effort is everything. A group of seventeen women have come together to make a name and continue the legeacy for Mount Saint Mary’s University. Meet the ADthenians.

The ADthenians are a student-run advertising team who are preparing an advertising campaign for Ajinomoto Windsor’s frozen food Tai Pei. The campaign will be presented on April 14th at the University of San Diego. Within the team there are six groups each in charge of different things ranging from social media to in-store promotion which then come together to create one cohesive layout for the beginnings of a great campaign.

The ADthenians compete against other universities such as USC and UCLA. One of the difficulties they face is the lack of funding. Schools such as USC and UCLA receive a lot of funding for their research and presentation meanwhile the ADthenians work with very little to no money. However, this only motivates them to work harder to have a great campaign.

“Being on the ADthenians makes me feel excited and proud because I am gaining the experience of a real advertising team. I am learning how businesses advertise on social media and why it’s important,” said Kimberly Bueno, senior and part of the social media team.

Fall 2016 was spent on extensive research: focus groups, surveys and more. In Spring 2017, a class taught by Professor Gosselin is held as a meeting time for the team to come together. The research is used to create the campaign that Tai Pei may potentially use in 2018.

“Advertising is not just a simple ‘You made a campaign and go,’” Bueno says, “People put a lot of time and work to make it memorable and unique.” Their campaign will prove to be one of the Mount’s many successes.


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