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Fashion and Politics: Influencers Share Their Thoughts on Political Climate

By Jessica Flores

People visit fashion and lifestyle blogs to escape the realities of their lives but now people are curious in knowing what their influencers think about the political climate America is in. President Trump’s recent executive orders regarding immigration has inspired fashion influencers to speak out–many for the first time–about their political stance on their social media.

Fashion blogger Indah Nur posted a photo on Instagram that said “I am the proud daughter of immigrants” with “Proud Indonesian #adaywithoutimmigrants #indonesian #javanese” as a caption.

Marianna Hewitt from Life with Me blog also shared a post about her mother who came to America for a better life and if it weren’t for her, she wouldn’t be here. “I’m not even sure how to end this post or what to say, I just wanted to share the story of ONE immigrant who chose to come to this country with every good intention and love for the U.S. and how ONE person having the freedom and the chance to make a life here, here has changed the lives of many in a positive way.”

Many influencers however try to stay away from sharing their political thoughts because of the possibility of losing fans and readers. The same way companies, such as Uber, lose customers when releasing their political stance, bloggers could too. Their lifestyle is a job.

Estefani Alarcon says she has found herself unfollowing many influencers on Instagram because she can’t relate to what they represent. “I want to know what you are thinking about day to day. There is so much going on in the world and they have a platform but they’re not using it.”

However, to some people politics are better left unsaid. “Just because [fashion influencers] are smart about fashion, art, [and] beauty doesn’t mean I care to know their politics. I follow those types of accounts for escape from the hate not more of it,” Barbara Menefee said on Twitter.

This issue whether fashion influencers should share their political views also relates to whether celebrities are allowed to share their views. Art is known as an escape for people but beneath it is the artist’s voice and opinions on a topic.

Louis Leiva shared on Twitter: “Art is political. Whether we are actively aware or not, our ‘lifestyles’ will be affected by politics.”


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