Faces of the Mount
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Giving Up One Dream to Pursue Another

Ethan Diego, a freshman pre-nursing major, had a passion for becoming a professional soccer player. For years he thought that if he worked hard enough his dream would become a reality. However, he came to the realization that he needed to pursue something bigger. “College is very important to me because as the oldest in my family, I need to set a standard,” Diego says. “I chose Nursing [as my major] because I am doing everything in my power to save a patient’s life.”

Besides school, family means everything to Ethan. The person he looks up to the most is his dad because of how hard he works to put food on the table, pay for his tuition, and live a stable life. Since his father was kicked out of college, Ethan wants to be the one to pick up where he left off and be the one to finish.

“My dad is everything for me, I am doing this for him.”

Produced and written by Liz Charre. Filmed and edited by OnJonet Williams.


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