Julie Ann Crommett inspires film students in Women in Hollywood course

Written by Ashley Vasquez, student submission

On Nov 7, Dr. Haggard’s Film course “Women in Hollywood” had the honor of welcoming a special guest speaker: Julie Ann Crommett.

Crommett is Google’s Entertainment Industry Educator-in-Chief who aspires to rid the mainstream media of stereotypes regarding computer science; a combination of Hollywood and Technology at its finest hour, I believe. Not only is she creating cross-industry conversations and problem solutions around these specific topics, she also dreams of opening up her very own production company that will be dedicated to diversity and inclusion in portraying the way our world really is. Her passion lies in diversifying the field of computer science by shifting perceptions using Film and Television.

What people see on the screen affects them more than you or they may actually think. It is a powerful tool in the way we view ourselves, the way we feel we should physically look, and the material things we believe we should have to fit in. The media has a big influence on not only adults but younger generations. If they are powerful enough to influence how you feel about the way you look, then they are capable enough to bring change to the ways computer science is viewed.

This issue isn’t spoken about as much as it needs to be. Women and young girls everywhere often veer away from the computer science field due to the idea that men are better at math and science or the fact that they feel this field is male-dominated. This makes women and young girls believe they are not good enough for it.

With Julie incorporating confident women in computer science in television, such as Mariana Foster from The Fosters, I believe others will be inspired to do the same for gender equality in other subjects at issue. She is an incredible, intelligent, and kind soul who loves to pick your brain with intellectual conversation. A woman who first started as a waitress had a passion for change and she ran with it.

The class will have one last speaker Diana Means, president of the Alliance of Women Filmmakers and Founder of Los Angeles Women’s International Film Festival coming on Monday, Nov 21 in Hannon Parlour. All are welcome to join the conversation.



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