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NBA 2016-2017: A fresh start with interesting changes

Written by Jessica Contreras, Staff Writer

Within the past week, the NBA has made its reappearance into the sports world. So much has already happened throughout the offseason beginning with all of the retirement announcements from Tim Duncan, Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and Ray Allen. Who knows what is to be expected from this upcoming 2016-2017 season?

There is a lot on the line and the rosters only appear to be getting younger and younger. Both Los Angeles teams have been hit with retirement news but they are also off to a fresh start.

The Los Angeles Lakers have taken former player Luke Walton into their coaching staff as Head Coach. They have acquired a new roster filled with young players who are replicating Kobe’s signature moves as they prepare to play in their first season without the Mamba.

Meanwhile, the Clippers experienced a bit of an edgy summer themselves as they were uncertain of keeping DeAndre Jordan on their roster. They also contemplated whether Chris Paul had more potential as a Clipper or a State Farm agent.


Chris Paul played a State Farm agent for a commercial. It showed his humorous side which many fans enjoyed. (Photo/NYSportsJournalism)

The 2016 NBA Finals teams have surely made their start in the new season. The reigning NBA Champions, the Cleveland Cavaliers, made no sudden changes to their roster in the offseason, and they still managed to pull off a grand opener by winning 117-88 against the New York Knicks. While Lebron King James and his squad managed to pull off a home-stretch game, the Golden State Warriors opened their new season with a brand new-old star, Kevin Durant.

Durant scored 27 points and had 10 rebounds with 4 assists in his 37-minute debut in the season opener against the San Antonio Spurs. Despite Tim Duncan’s retirement news during the offseason, the Spurs still managed to pull off a strong win with 2013-2014 Finals MVP, Kawhi Leonard, who scored 35 points and had 5 rebounds.

On the east coast, the Chicago Bulls opened their season with a fresh roster with a few familiar faces. Starters Jimmy Butler, Dwayne Wade, and Rajon Rondo performed as an intense dynamic trio with 50 points and 19 rebounds combined. There is much more to come this season; especially considering this year the first, since 1994, without Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan, and Kevin Garnett.

Only so much can be presumed for this coming season, but only time will tell how far players and teams can take it. Will the Golden State Warriors get a chance at a rematch against the Cleveland Cavaliers and the reigning Finals MVP LeBron James? Or will the new-found Chicago Bulls take a chance at the Finals this year?

Stay tuned for more NBA coverage.


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