Faces of the Mount
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Twins at the Mount: ‘We know how to be strong for each other’

Faces of the Mount

Christin and Victoria Villalobos are freshman, roommates and are studying the same thing: Business and Education. Their dream is to open up their own school. With only being a minute and forty seconds apart, they have shown the Mount community that their relationship means everything to them. Starting with great communication, these sisters do absolutely everything together. “It’s always been the plan to go together because being apart would be too hard,” they said when asked if they both decided to attend Mount Saint Mary’s. “I wasn’t going to hold her back if she got accepted into another school.”

However, life hasn’t always been great for them. They have been criticized for always being together, eating the same meals, sleeping the same amount of time, etc. However, they don’t allow it to affect them because they have each other’s back. “We know how to be strong for the [each] other, especially when it is really affecting the other because we know when one of us is affected, we are both affected and even when it is affecting both of us, one of us needs to take on that role of being the stronger one.”

As they continue their journey, they hope to influence the Mount community by showing their determination, love and compassion towards each other. As mentioned before every student, faculty, staff, and alumni have incredible stories to tell and we hope that you are inspired by this story as we were.


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