Things left to say

Written by Carsie Mendoza, Staff Writer

There are many things I have to say, yet words elude me,
disappearing into the sky like an evanescent mist,
never allowing me to enjoy their beauty.

Yet, others do it for me, within the confines of my mind.
Screeching and yelling the words that I know are true,
Although never spoken aloud.

Sometimes the words are soft and gentle,
spoken with the delicacy of a flower petal in bloom,
giving me a sense of relief from the screeches,
making me feel like I’m loved, wanted, appreciated, needed.

More often or not, the bad often overpowers the good,
vanquishing the light until it’s just a mere flicker.
I become nothing more than a puppet, controlled by a puppeteer that is pure evil and only has one motive.
My destruction.

They say depression shouldn’t affect your daily life,
If you want to be happy, you need to try harder.
If you have a shred of experience, the depression disappears
Depression isn’t even a real disease.
These are just other things that are left to say,
To sweep aside the truth of a human being tormented,
Tormented by an invisible demon they never wanted.

It’s also hard to let the light in,
for even the most delicate of flowers, pure and good, have been wilted some
The effects of the society where nothing is truly good enough,
A society that thrives on its people’s insecurities,
instead of the traits that make them beautiful on the inside and out.
There are no more things left to say, yet things are not okay.
Pain still resides in a world for people with illnesses that can’t be seen,
Who wonder why people can be so mean, hearing the torture play on and on with dread,
truly wishing they were dead.

Don’t let anymore things go unspoken, even if there is nothing left that is wanted to be said.

Photo source: Everyday Health


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