Alumni of the Mount
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Finding the right job for me

Alumni of the Mount

Name: Jazlin Romero
Graduation Year: 2016
Major: Journalism and New Media Minor: Film, Media and Social Justice
Current Occupation: Freelance Writer and Social Media Consultant

What did you gain/benefit from being a student at Mount Saint Mary’s University?
I gained a lot of self-assurance when I was a student at MSMU, I figured out exactly who I was and was able to focus on all the things I really wanted personally and professionally. I expanded my education, which in itself was huge! I felt so lucky to be in college and really recognized the value and beauty of my education. The idea that education has the ability to make an individual think in ways they may have never thought before was empowering. Education is limitless and beautiful because it allows individuals the opportunity to make their journey’s personal to him/herself and chose they will apply that in our society. It was just amazing to me what I, Jazlin, was gaining at that moment in my life.

If you could go back, what would you have done differently as an undergraduate student?
If I could go back to my days as an undergrad, I would have definitely studied abroad. Traveling is such a unique and personal experience, imagine all that and at the same time getting educated? That is what I would have done differently. The resources are all there to help you.

What advice would you give to current students at the Mount?
To all you current Mount students, whatever you are going through and no matter how far or impossible the end goal may seem, just keep going! It doesn’t get easier you just get better, but first COFFEE.

What is one of your favorite memories from the Mount?
One of my favorite memories from the Mount is having had the opportunity to meet fellow journalists. We were all women who inspired one another in our classes everyday and when you put powerful women together, incredible things happen. I made lifelong friends/sisters.

What has been your biggest challenge post graduation?
One of the biggest challenges post graduation for me was the job search, it was not so much finding an opening, the challenge was finding the right job for me. I wanted to ensure that whatever I was doing as a full time job, made me happy, helped me to grow and of course, kept me writing.

What is one of your goals at the moment?
My next goal is to travel as much as I can and become exposed to different people and cultures. Someday, I would like to serve as a volunteer with the Peace Corps. I plan on starting a blog where I can share my experiences with others.

Finish the sentence (Inspired by Oprah’s Soulful Sunday)
I am happiest when: I have had my first cup of coffee.
The biggest choice I had to make to fulfill my destiny: was becoming independent.

Follow Jazlin Romero journey via social media
Twitter/Instagram: @Jazzothezombie


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