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Trump hits new lows, Clinton doesn’t hit hard enough

Written by Arleen Lamba, Staff Writer

No matter how many times Donald Trump claims that no one respects women more than he does, frankly, I’m not convinced at all.

In the second presidential debate, he gave a brief, half-hearted apology for his mere “locker room talk” when asked about the statements he made in 2005 about groping women. He then changed the subject to the war crimes of ISIS. To me, his decision to bring up ISIS when prompted with the questions about his harassment of women sounded analogous to saying “Hey, I said those disgusting things about and admitted to harassing women in those tapes, but let’s forget about all that because we have bigger fish to fry.”

I believe he successfully turned the attention away from these recordings and appealed to Americans’ emotion by citing Hillary Clinton’s defense of a child rapist in court. It is indeed revolting that a child rapist got one year in jail, but I hope that the audience understood that it was Clinton’s obligation as an attorney to defend this criminal. I see a dramatic difference between Clinton’s fulfillment of her duty at a legal aid clinic versus Trump’s verbal and physical harassment of women.

Trump later lost his momentum when he brought up Bill Clinton’s affair, allegations of sexual assault, and impeachment. It seemed as though Trump was starting to run out of valid arguments to make against Secretary Clinton, so he decided to attack her husband instead. What does former President Clinton’s actions have to do with the ability of Hillary Clinton’s ability to serve as president?

Not only did Trump inappropriately bring up Clinton’s impeachment, there were many times when he was outright nasty and ill-mannered. Clinton, on the other hand, remained poised and polite. The Republican candidate threatened to “have a special prosecutor look into [her] situation” with Clinton’s deleted emails. My jaw dropped when he proceeded to say that “[she’d] be in jail” if he was in charge of our nation’s law. Trump’s attitude throughout the night was far too vicious to win new voters. But, it is his memorable tendency to make intense comments such as these, I presume, that keeps his voters by his side.

Fortunately for the Democrats, Clinton did not make impulsive comments and constant interruptions. There were times, however, when I wished that Clinton would have been tougher. Instead, she tended to aim indirect, less accusatory jabs at Trump. Because of this, it often looked like it was Trump who was dominating the stage.

Though some more sharp blows could have done well for Clinton’s performance, I found myself cheering at her responses. Specifically her response to Trump’s commentary on Clinton’s impeachment: “I am reminded of what my friend Michelle Obama advised us all. When they go low, you go high.”


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