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Giants lose 6-5 to Cubs, eliminated from NLDS

Written by Liz Charre, President

All good things come to an end. In this case, the San Francisco Giants lost their opportunity to head into the World Series on Tuesday night at AT&T Park against the Chicago Cubs. They are now eliminated from the National League Division Series.

The Giants were three outs away from forcing a decisive game 5. Both teams would have traveled back to Chicago to play the deciding game. Then, the winner would have faced the winning team from the Nationals/Dodger game on Thursday. Unfortunately, the Giants will not be given that opportunity because their bullpen blew it in the ninth inning. Down by three runs, the Cubs managed to score four runs to win Tuesday’s game and move onto their second consecutive National League Championship Series.

A stadium filled with cheerful Giants fans came to a silence as the Cubs managed to make the biggest comeback in postseason history. Giants fans were left in disbelief.

Even-years have been magical for the Giants since they have won three World Series Championships in the past five years. However, this year was not successful; the Cubs’ power, strength, and determination dominated the game. Giants’ bullpen failed during the second half of the season which carried on to this game. Now Giants have the opportunity to regroup, refocus, and prepare for Spring training.

The Cubs, on the other hand, are ecstatic. Not only did they win on the road, but they are now given more rest days until their next game. They will also have a secure home-field advantage in the National League Championship game.

The questions everyone is wondering now are: how did the Giants blow a significant lead? What was going through Giants’ Matt Moore’s head as he pitched? What will Giants’ manager Bruce Bochy do in the offseason? How will the Giants’ bullpen be able to improve for next year?

Stay tuned for the Nationals/Dodgers game this Thursday, October 13.

Photo from Google Images.


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