Apple’s iOS 10: 21 new features you should know about

Written by Brytanya Le, Staff Writer

Apple’s newest iOS version has finally reached the double digits. It was released to the general public on September 13 and comes with all sorts of new features. From built-in apps for iMessage to new layouts and features in other apps, the new operating system can seem a bit intimidating at first. Read below to learn all about the newest features.

  1. Raising certain iPhone models off a surface will immediately wake up the phone, instead of having to press the home or power button.
  2. You can do multilingual typing without having to switch between keyboards (e.g. English and Spanish). However, this currently only works with several languages.
  3. The new Home app allows you to lock your doors, raise your windows, and turn off your lights with just a tap.
  4. You can now create handwritten messages, doodle on photos and videos, turn on/off read receipts for individual conversations, and even send stickers (usually cute images).
  5. You can send invisible text messages and images, and the receiver would have to swipe them to reveal their content.
  6. You can change texts into emojis!
  7. Little animations will pop up on the screen whenever you send or receive a birthday text.
  8. You can post reactions to incoming texts/photos/videos (e.g. a thumbs up, a heart, etc.)
  9. QuickType makes a person’s contact info to show up immediately whenever someone asks for it.
  10. You can use keywords to look up certain images on your device (e.g. “beach” for any photos taken at a beach).
  11. You can compile photos and videos together from a particular place or experience to create a movie, also called a “Memory.”
  12. You can collaborate with other iOS users on Notes, Pages, Numbers, and Keynote via iCloud.
  13. You can look up song lyrics right from the Music app! No need to Google them.
  14. You can make reservations via Maps.
  15. Need a Lyft ride? No problem, Siri has your back. Just request Siri to find a Lyft ride.
  16. For those who like trying out new apps, you may like the new “App Suggestions” list on the home screen, where the search bar is.
  17. Notifications have become enlarged so you can read them more clearly, and even read entire conversations while responding on the lock screen.
  18. The improved Maps app can help you get to your destination faster by suggesting routes for you to take.
  19. In the Mail app, iOS 10 can pull up the device’s calendar to remind you when your available times are.
  20. You can read transcribed voicemails, so you wouldn’t necessarily need to listen to them.
  21. The new Magnifier can help you see anything on your screen up close. This can be activated in Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Magnifier, and is opened by triple-pressing the home button.

In case you were wondering, iOS 10 is compatible with iPhone 5 and up, the fourth generation iPad and up, iPad mini 2 and up, and the sixth generation iPod touch.

Click here for more details on the new features introduced by iOS 10.

Photo from Google Images.


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