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Hello Kitty Café in Irvine gives customers a sweet nostalgic experience

Written by Ava Graciela Rutter, Staff Writer

How can going out to a café for another cup of coffee be anything but ordinary? When the image of Hello Kitty is artfully sprinkled on top by baristas in a unique pink uniform, grabbing a coffee becomes a whole new experience.

The Hello Kitty Café in Irvine serves Southern California, providing treats and an experience in the spirit of the cartoon cat famous for her red bow and friendly demeanor.

This led to a day trip for sisters Veronica and Claribel and their children; even though they live an hour away in North Whittier, they “just came here for [the Café],” Veronica explained.


From left to right: Veronica, her sister Claribel, Claribel’s daughter Karina, and Veronica’s son Fernando. Fernando poses on Sunday, Sep 25, holding a 5-piece macaron box that now has four macarons after he gleefully ate one. (Photo/Ava Graciela Rutter)

The visit wasn’t only for their kids’ enjoyment; when asked who the biggest Hello Kitty fan was, Veronica pointed to her sister without hesitation and smiled. “She is.”

Hello Kitty emerged in 1974, and as the decades rolled by, the character grew up alongside original fans while gaining new ones. As a result, her fanbase encompasses generations.

This makes trips to the Café fun for friends and family no matter their age. Adults soak up the childhood nostalgia while children revel in the kid-friendly atmosphere, and the sugary novelty treats appeal to anybody with a sweet tooth.

For Veronica’s son Fernando, this is especially true. Even the “shy boy,” as his mother describes, let his silly side show when it came to the sweets. To demonstrate how irresistible the Hello Kitty macarons are, he opened the box and proudly took a huge chomp out of a pastry, grinning widely.

Such an experience full of fun and sugar suits the cheery send-off that the Hello Kitty Café employees give to every customer:

“Have a sweet day!”

Visit here for more information about the Hello Kitty Café, including hours, directions, and their Facebook page.



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