I wanted to be free of expectations, so I made it so

Name: Hazel Anne Agustin
Graduation Year: 2016
Major: English, Journalism minor

What did you gain/benefit from being a student at Mount Saint Mary’s University?

Despite the small size, the Mount offered me something larger colleges or universities wouldn’t have: attention. My professors would easily and willingly speak to me if I had any questions regarding the materials.

If you could go back, what would you have done differently as an undergraduate student?

Double majored in Journalism and New Media. If I wasn’t so eager to graduate with my class of 2016, I would have definitely finished the last few units remaining. That’s pretty much it!

What advice would you give to current students at the Mount?

If you have a light semester, consider taking an art class of some sort – even if you’re not an Art major. It was probably one of the most out-of-the-blue decisions I made as an English major, but I think it helped relieve the stress I carried during the school year. These classes won’t make you tear your hair out. It was still an intensive class, don’t get me wrong, but I looked forward to these classes because it was enjoyable, relaxing, and new. Everyone is there to create and inspire.

What is one of your favorite memories from the Mount?

I took a few night classes my last two years and as you’d expect, it would get pretty dark out when classes would end. I remember walking through the circle en route to my car by the tennis court and the whole scenery was breathtaking. The lights were lit, the moon was full, the fountain’s waters were running, and the fog was settling. It was amazing. I felt like the only person there (which I probably was!). I was proud to attend the Mount because of that. Not every college/university is as beautiful as the Mount. I guess it’s not so much the memory that makes it my favorite, but the feelings that came with it.

What has been your biggest challenge post graduation?

Moving forward and realizing that my days are no longer a set routine of classes, work study, then homework. I have to create my path and I don’t have an advisor this time around to guide me. But I’ve also thrived in these circumstances – anyone can.

What is one of your goals at the moment? (Work or life related)

I’m currently in Prague, Czech Republic pursuing my TEFL certification. I’ll be here for a month working toward that and hopefully when the month ends, an employer will hire me out here. So far, I have my heart set on moving anywhere out of the States.

Finish the sentence (Inspired by Oprah’s Soulful Sunday)

I am happiest when: booking plane tickets and arriving at my destination!

The biggest choice I had to make to fulfill my destiny: was letting go of the pre-determined path created by my parents and aunts. We hear it all the time but every decision you make should be your own. I wanted to be free of expectations, so I made it so. It was the biggest and best decision I made as an adult. My parents grew to understand me and I could only be thankful that was the outcome.

Follow Hazel’s journey via social media:
Twitter/Instagram: hzlagstn


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