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Dodgers Clinch the National League West for the fourth year and say goodbye to Vin Scully

Written by Liz Charre, President

What an amazing end to a Dodger home stand, honoring Vin Scully on the incredible 67 years with the organization and clinching the National League West for the fourth year straight.

The Dodgers ball club is the first team in the National League West to win four straight NL West titles. The Los Angeles Dodgers, who were eight games back from the Giants 90 days ago, are now at the top once again. Ever since the All-Star Break, the Dodgers have shown that they could possibly be a World Series contender.

Having lost Kershaw through the majority of the season, many fans had their doubts on the Dodgers even making the postseason. But, things turned out better than expected. Now with Kershaw back in the rotation the Dodgers look to end their drought of a World Series appearance. The magic number was one as of Saturday night.

As the Dodgers entered Sunday’s game with the motive to not only sweep the Rockies but win their division, a bump in the road stood in their way.

Before the game, the news of Marlins’ ace Jose Fernandez passed away early Sunday morning due to a boating accident. He was only 24 years old. The Dodger players tweeted about their experiences with Fernandez and Yasiel Puig, Fernandez’s long time friend, hanged his jersey inside the Dodger dugout. A moment of silence took place at the Dodger stadium to remember Fernandez’s career which was taken away from baseball too soon.

As the game underway at the Dodger stadium, fans were also paying close attention to the Giants/Padres game down in San Diego. If the Dodgers won Sunday, they would clinch; if the Dodgers and the Giants lose, the Dodgers would still clinch. If the Dodgers lose and Giants win, then the magic number would’ve stayed at one. Both games were to the wire but it was the tenth inning walk-off homerun by Charlie Culberson that allowed the Dodgers to celebrate the division title with their fans.

Throughout the ceremony, all Dodger players stood up in front of the pitcher’s mound and saluted Vin Scully. Dodgers’ manager, Dave Roberts, stood in front of the L.A. crowd and said: “Vin we love you, this is for you my friend” with his fist pumping in the air.

Vin Scully’s broadcasts changed many people’s lives including those at the games and those watching from home. He addressed the public one last time stating that he wished all the attention wouldn’t be on him. He was hoping for a blowout game but instead he told the public that he had “a very, very small modest contribution on my last day.”

Next thing you know, a recording of Scully singing “Wind Beneath My Wings” began playing. Once the song concluded, Scully said his final goodbye to Dodger Stadium.

After, Dodger players celebrated inside the clubhouse with champagne and beer. The celebration had begun for now. The next step is the postseason.

The question remains: Will the Dodgers end the drought for their World Series run? Will Dave Roberts have better luck in the postseason than Don Mattingly?

The postseason is set to begin on Tuesday, October 4, 2016.

Photo source: Google Images

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