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Sports teams avoid North Carolina due to new transgender bathroom law

Written by Jessica I. Contreras, Staff Writer

Multiple sports teams have decided not to affiliate themselves with arenas located in North Carolina, and it all revolves around the state’s new transgender bathroom law. This new law states that people must use the restroom with the gender affiliated on their birth certificate. Which, in turn has caused some sports teams and associations to turn change their decisions “full-court.”

Given this new law, the NBA decided over the summer to change the location for the upcoming 2017 All-Star Game weekend that was scheduled to be hosted in North Carolina. Not only did the NBA decide to make some changes, but the ACC division of college football also decided to make a change the location of upcoming games scheduled to take place in the state of North Carolina.

Although this new change may seem to be occurring from a far distance, they are adequately changing the lives of many people all across the country. Considering the recent changes from The White House, in which President Obama signed the Law giving the right to the gay community to get married in all states across the country, much turmoil is set against North Carolina.

Although this law may only seem to affect one area, it starts to become a part of the ripple effect in which one small change can affect the whole country in an instance.

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