Alumni of the Mount
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Don’t let money blind you from doing what you love

Alumni of the Mount

Name: Kimberly Quitzon
Graduation Year: 2016
Major: Journalism and New Media
Current Occupation: Writer, Social Media Coordinator, CBS Page

What did you gain/benefit from being a student at Mount Saint Mary’s University?

The Mount was where I met the people that would help shape the rest of my life. From friends to professors, it has given me an opportunity to connect with those who not only understand my goals, but push me further into achieving them. I was able to land internships during school and recently was offered a position in CBS’ Page Program thanks to my support system. 

If you could go back, what would you have done differently as an undergraduate student?

If I could go back I would have taken advantage of more networking events. There are so many speakers that come to the mount who can be potential employers or even mentors and I wish I would have understood that sooner. 

What advice would you give to students at the Mount?

This time in your life is going to fly by faster than you think. I did about two years in community college and was lucky enough to be accepted into the mount. At the time I felt that I would never escape the education system but I kept pushing for that degree. I thought I was going to be a doctor and learned that my passion was in writing. Although making money is the objective, don’t let it blind you from doing what you love. 

What is one of your favorite memories from the Mount?

I took a class that only met on Mondays and every week our professor would bring in a guest speaker. One day, she brought in poet Natalie Patterson and I had the honor of showing her to class. Natalie shared her poem “10 Things Every Female Should Know,” it completely changed my perspective on being a woman and what it means to be unapologetically yourself. 

What has been your biggest challenge post graduation?

Finding a job. It’s harder than I ever imagined but the more I work on improving my image as a writer, the more I know I will be successful. I have had people laugh in my face after saying I have a degree in Journalism, but I constantly remind myself that what I am doing is important. 

What is one of your goals at the moment? (Work or life related)

One specific goal I have at the moment is to start a business with my boyfriend. In today’s world we are brainwashed to believe that dreams should be left at that. However, I know that anything in life is attainable, it just takes hard work and opportunity. 

Finish the sentence (Inspired by Oprah’s Soulful Sunday)

I am happiest when: I know I am moving closer to achieving my dreams.

The biggest choice I had to make to fulfill my destiny: was to switch my major from biology to journalism. 

Follow Kimberly’s journey via social media:
Twitter/Instagram: @kimberlyquitzon


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