Making sacrifices until I get to where I want to be

Alumni of the Mount

Name: Cindy Carrillo
Graduation Year: 2016
Major: Journalism and New Media
Current Occupation: Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation RBI Intern

What did you gain/benefit from being a student at Mount Saint Mary’s University?

I gained confidence and determination. My first semester was not what I had imagined. I lost one of my books, test scores dropped and I felt like a disappointment to my parents. In a writing class, I met some amazing women who I’m thankfully still friends with, to which I found my purpose. I was excited for school and had a vision.

If you could go back, what would you have done differently as an undergraduate student?

I would have gotten more involved with clubs on campus and events that were held.

What advice would you give to current students at the Mount?

Some advice I would give current students is to try and get your classes at the same time, that way time doesn’t feel wasted. It’s draining when there is long gaps between, so plan ahead and try your best to get a schedule that works for you.

What is one of your favorite memories from the Mount?

It was either May 5 or 6 of 2014 when my friends and cousin had their film premiere in Hollywood for a film class at the Mount. The showing was their final and afterwards we had gone out to eat at Chipotle. We were all dressed up, had some food and lots of laughs.

What has been your biggest challenge post graduation?

I hope I’m not alone when I say this but my biggest challenge has been finding a job. The industry I’m working towards is extremely competitive but I’ve done my best to keep a positive attitude and make the connections that count.

What is one of your goals at the moment? (Work or life related)

A life goal of mine is to make and find more time to go out and explore. I’ve been so consumed with work and my internship that there hasn’t been much time for fun.

Finish the sentence (Inspired by Oprah’s Soulful Sunday)

I am happiest when: I am with my family listening to great music.

The biggest choice I had to make to fulfill my destinyIs not saying yes to every invitation. I, thankfully, know what I want in life so I have my future as my main focus. Nobody else is going to do the work for me so I’ll have to make sacrifices until I get there.

Follow Cindy’s journey via social media:
Twitter/Instagram: @cindycarrillo_



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