The new face of politics and how students can get involved

Written by Beatriz Garay, Staff Writer

Change occurs every single day whether they are minor or major. But have you ever thought about a change within the relationships students have with politics?

Ulection, a grassroots organization, is “a dedicated space where citizens, candidates, and elected officials can discuss the issues that matter to their communities,” according to their website.

This program was created in San Francisco by Michael Henne and Daniel Alvidrez with the purpose of resolving the issue of money in politics, and also creating a platform where students and millennials can connect with their community’s political process.

The inspiration behind the creation of Ulection was due to the lack of resources. “I found it very difficult to learn about the issues my candidates cared about… they all had their own websites and commercials and flyers [that] they created [which] lacked substance,” said Henne.

Ulection allows people to join a campaign in order for candidates to build their volunteer support groups from the ground up, he said. It allows students to voice their concerns and opinions on their school campus, and on a bigger scale, any county, city, state, and social media followers.

“[It] was created for everyone who cares about the issues affecting their community,” Henne shares. “We want to give people the tools to share what they want with the people who were meant to see it.”

To join and learn more, visit the Ulection’s website:

To see and discover your candidates and elected officials, simply go to your location page at the city/town, county, or state level. On your location page, you will find your politicians who have signed up as well as posts and events from the location.

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