A Prismatic Drudis Gallery experience

Written by Jessica Flores, Treasurer 

Step into the art department’s senior gallery show Prismatic and you’ll walk into a room filled with an array of unique work. Without a doubt, the artists’ work reveals a talent that must not go unnoticed.

Seniors debuted their projects on Saturday, April 23 which is a requirement for the Bachelors of Arts degree. Projects consist of black and white photography, acrylics on illustration boards, oil paintings, and much more.

Christianna Loza’s “The Sasquatch of Camp Pine Trails”

Christianna Loza’s project “The Sasquatch of Camp Pine Trails” is a collection of acrylics on illustration boards. “I grew up going to camps and I even ended up working them for years [and] those memories really have stuck with me,” she said. “These beautiful landscapes of snow-capped peaks or towering trees feel like home and peace to me, it’s where I go when life gets stressful and has become where I go to paint in my room when getting outdoors isn’t possible.”

Tanya Morales’s project “Inside”

Tanya Morales’s project “Inside” is a collection of a white gouache matte medium mixed with glow in the dark powder inspired by psychological disorders and wanting to bring awareness through her art. “The mirror pieces are a big part of the illustration because the viewer is able to be a part of the illustration by having their reflection shown. I want them to understand that this is a big issue that we need to help them and not discriminate because of their disorder,” she said.

You can take a deeper look at their work now at the José-Drudis Biada Gallery. Prismatic will be on display until April 30th. Let’s support our artists!


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