No-hitter for Arrieta

Written by Liz Charre, Staff Writer

For the second time in his career, Jake Arrieta threw a no-hitter, shutting out the Cincinnati Reds last night. He is the fourth pitcher in MLB history to be the reigning Cy Young award winner and throwing a no-hitter the following year. The other players that have thrown a no-hitter, a year after they won the Cy Young award, were Sandy Koufax in 1964, Bob Gibson in 1971, and Clayton Kershaw in 2014.
Arrieta has had a great start to the 2016 season. His record for this season is 4-0 and since last season, Arrieta’s record is 20-1 with his era being less than one. In his last 24 starts, he threw two no-hitters and has only allowed seven runs in those starts. For hitters, it looks like they are unable to figure out Arrieta’s pitches because he has been solid in last year’s postseason. As the Cubs celebrated their twelfth win on Thursday night, it wasn’t just Arrieta who stole the show. Rookie of the year, Kris Bryant had an extraordinary night hitting a grand slam to top on the Cubs hitting parade against the Reds. However, those runs didn’t matter because Arrieta still had the strength to continue on nine full innings to defeat the Reds on their home turf.
With all the excitement on the field occurring, there was a small incident. A Cubs fan ran on the field during the celebration of Jake Arrieta’s second no-hitter. He was immediately taken off the field by security but was full of emotions when he witnessed his favorite team pound on the Reds and their ace pitcher throw another no-hitter.
What an extraordinary night for the young pitcher with much potential. Fans, don’t be surprised if Arrieta pitches another no-hitter this season. The way he is playing hitters do not know what to expect.


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