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When The Ignorance Is A1

Written by Kimberly Quitzon, Vice President

For those of you who may not know, foot binding, also known as “lotus feet” is a ritual in China where parents wrap their daughters’ feet so tightly in efforts to form a point-like shape. The painful practice causes bone deformity, causing some women to lose their ability to walk because their feet become so small. This long and painful procedure is endured by many girls and women for the attraction of men, as small feet are a beautiful feature in the culture.

I bring this to your attention to inform those who may have seen Amber Rose’s IG post this morning. In a meme, the model laughed at a picture of a woman’s foot who had been bound that read “When the head is A1,” laughing at the idea of your toes curling up. As a proud feminist, I was completely offended.


For Amber Rose to claim to be a part of the feminist community is a joke after this post. I assume she does not know what this practice is and expect her to educate herself. This practice is done solely for attraction and nothing else; therefore, contributing to the oppression of women across the globe. I genuinely use to love her radiant personality and free spirited nature but after this, Amber definitely lost a rosebud.

Since then the post has been deleted and no comments have been made, stay tuned for any updates.


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