MSMU’s newest on-campus accommodations

Special Report brought to you by, Athenian Print

In lieu of recent concerns, MSMU faculty and staff have decided to implement new features to better accommodate students on campus. University departments have come together and found the best ways to ease the stress students build throughout the semesters.

Being that the campus is a treacherous walk up and down the hill, the cafeteria has said they will be developing a new on-campus delivery service. By sending an email to, students will be able to place an order and pay by phone and in minutes, your lunch will be taken to you wherever you are on campus. Deliveries will not be made to areas where food is prohibited, for example, the library or computer labs.

The Health department and Career Services have found that both commuters and residents are having difficulty arriving to class or events ready on time due to grooming issues. Therefore, an installation of a new beauty department where students can get nails, eyebrows, hair, and makeup is underway. Male students are more than welcome to enjoy the amenities, including barber services. Students can apply for work-study in this new department and learn more about cosmetology.

Campus-Security has had an influx of requests to implement a designated nap area. After defending the importance of rest, they have finally reserved designated areas where students can rent a pillow and blanket to take a quick nap to recharge their brains. Students will have to leave their student ID’s and return supplies promptly after waking up.

Life as a college student is rough, with all the deadlines to meet and classes to take. It starts to get difficult to find the motivation to get up and walk just a few 100 feet to the cafeteria. Time is limited to be able to do menial things like hair or makeup. Sleep has constantly become a choice and not a necessity. Therefore, the school has taken action to make life on the mount just a tad bit easier.

*These accommodations will take place on April 1st, for April Fool’s Day. 



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