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Sexism scandal causes Indian Wells CEO to resign

Written by Liz Charre, Staff Writer 

Last Sunday, Serena Williams blasted Raymond Moore after he made sexist remarks before the Women’s BNP Paribas Open final in Indian Wells, California.

Moore spoke at a press conference and stated that female tennis players should “go down every night on their knees and thank God for male players.” Many female players did not take his comments lightly.

Serena Williams, after her straight sets loss to Victoria Azarenka, immediately responded to Moore’s statement saying, “those remarks are much mistaken and very, very, very, inaccurate.”

Moore did issue an apology after Williams called him out and then resigned his place the day after the incident arose and caught the attention of so many athletes. However, Moore was not the only male who was making sexist remarks about tennis. Novak Djokovic, from Serbia, also had some critical things to say about women’s tennis. Djokovic, however, did credit female tennis players for changing the game but did indicate that men should fight more on the prize money being distributed for winning grand slam titles and small tournaments as well. Though he does give credit to women and their well-deserved win, he stated that “men should fight more” because they attract and excite more viewers than women.

As these sexist remarks stay in the air, what does this mean for female tennis players? Should they be concerned? Will it take effect in future games? How do viewers perceive tennis now?
And will Serena Williams boycott once again after year-long appearance from Indian Wells?


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