Band-aids don’t fix bullet holes

Written by Jessica Flores, Treasurer 

Lawrence Ross’ presentation at the Doheny campus touched on a topic many people flee away from: racism.

One of the many topics he educated the audience on was institutional racism on college and university campuses across the country, focusing on black college students. He emphasized the importance of not only diversity but inclusion in all institutions. Students were advised to voice what they want to see in their classrooms and campuses.

As I left Ross’ presentation, I could not help but question the diversity and inclusion of black students here at Mount Saint Mary’s.

I sat with black students Cierra Black, Sydnei Jones, and Amber Bradley, who also attended the event, as they reflected on the presentation and how it connects to our community.

Sydnei Jones, junior, said, “[Ross] stated the obvious in ways we couldn’t in the past.”

They have asked for more cultural classes at the Mount so students have a better understanding of all cultures. Cierra said, “All the black history I know, [I learned] outside of class. We need curriculum to be more diverse as well.” However, they feel voiceless because they aren’t taken seriously as students.

“We feel like people don’t understand us by our humanity,” Sydnei said. “As long as you put a band-aid on issues, things are only going to get worse.”

“Band-aids don’t fix bullet holes,” Amber followed.

Ross mentioned that it is important to have faculty involved and he mentioned he was glad to see some of the Sisters of St. Joseph, along with President Ann McElaney-Johnson involved in these kind of conversations.

After seeing  the Mount community come together for this, I urge even more students to jump on this conversation. Like Ross said, we must question everything and be critical thinkers.


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