Athenians fostering a spirit to serve others

Written by Jessica Lopez, student submission

Hello, Mount Community!

A few weeks ago one of my professors brought in a guest speaker from Lily Of the Valley Endeavors (L.O.V.E.) to present their mission to our class. She told us story after story that made each one of us laugh, gasp, and personally, tear up.

L.O.V.E has been rescuing AIDS infected, and affected babies in Africa grow into healthy and educated individuals. Their mission is selfless in all aspects. It is important for me to mention that with all of their great work they are currently looking to expand their orphanage by building a vocational village for those over 18 years old. The babies that they rescued have now grown up and require a different space to cultivate their development.

The guest speaker’s goal was to get us to choose her organization as our service project for the class. However, I like to believe that she chose us and not the other way around. We have the opportunity to be a part of their mission by spreading awareness and fundraising $1,500. I would like to give you the opportunity to do so as well.

Please help support us by donating and sharing our GoFundMe page or their Facebook page, any amount is greatly appreciated. Share our link on your social media and check out the most adorable children in the link below. Thank you in advance.


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