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Contrary to Popular Belief

Written by Ajeé Anderson, poem submission

Contrary to popular belief,
Black History month isn’t for
Black people.
No, it’s for everyone to get a taste of
What we already know.
A tidbit of information on
Every slave that was brought
Here against their will,
Of every moment our people had the whip at their back and rope around their neck,
Of every slave revolt against our oppressors,
Of every runaway slave from bondage,
Of every law passed for our in
alienable rights,
Of every movement for our beauty, lives, and dignity.
Black History Month is to show this and more.
Which is why I say Black History isn’t for us,
We already know our history, it’s in our DNA;
We honor it every day.
This is for the masses, so join us in the celebration of
Black History Month.


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