Faces of the Mount, MSMU
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The Athenian Print Introduces The Faces of The Mount

An Athenian Print special

There is no denying it. As isolated as The Mount is, over the years, it has become a community of its own, with people of different cultural and social backgrounds coming from all over Los Angeles County. Here, we’ve created a foundation, a basis for students, faculty, and staff to connect with each other. But let us put this question out there: are we truly communicating with one another?

For The Athenian Print, we believe that words are fundamental, but we also believe that most important of all is the message we put out. Often times, with school and work, The Mount community is only able to communicate with each other on a superficial level. Although it’s brutal to hear, it’s honest.

And so we’ve created The Faces of the Mount to truly admire those who make up The Mount community. Through this project, we are giving each and every one of you the spotlight you deserve. The Athenian Print wants to hear your story. We truly want to get to know you, even if it’s only partially. Inspired by Brandon Stanton’s project, Humans of New York, The Faces of the Mount centers on the idea that each person has a story and that that story could possibly reflect another person’s. All that’s really needed is an open ear.

The Faces of the Mount is an attempt to get you to speak without the cliches, just honest and candid moments. You’ll catch us walking around with a camera, recorder, notepad, and pen in hand. If you allow us a moment of your time, we’d like to share yours.

So this is The Athenian Print letting you know that yes, we hear you.


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