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Roberts on, “If you put a girl in a school you can save a country”

Written by Kimberly Quitzon, Vice President 

Emmy Award-winning political commentator and “Living Legend” Cokie Roberts visited MSMU’s Chalon campus to share some words of inspiration, in celebration of the institutes 90th year.


Cokie Roberts gives speech at MSMU.

“If you educate a girl, put a girl in school, you can save a country,” Roberts said. The New York Times best-selling author invited the audience to remember some of history’s women in leadership including MSMU’s very own, Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet.

Women like Frances Cabrini, Catherine Beecher, and others fought for women’s right to education. Although she commemorated the work of the founders, she also highlighted the efforts we see today.

She acknowledged some of the Mount’s most inspiring work toward women empowerment. “Everything follows after education,” Roberts said, “that’s why what you do within Women’s Leadership and the Status of Women Report is important.”


Audience gives standing ovation at the end of her speech.

After her speech, the audience had the opportunity to ask a variety of questions. Among them, student Jessica Lopez asked Roberts what she would tell the Hispanic millennial generation in regards to voting. She answered, “The Latino/Hispanic community has to vote. Tell stories of people who have been killed for the right to vote.”

Lastly, Roberts left MSMU students with a mission:

First, to simply vote. “It couldn’t be a worst time not to vote,” she said.

Second, to run. “Run for office, for CEO, for the Olympics, get your art in the Getty, [do] like the sisters of Saint Joseph did and you’ll be unstoppable.”


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