Gentrification Final Piece


This semester has been a roller coaster of trying to find what I cared for. When I came across the topic of gentrification, it home. I realized that there are many views on the topic, but I wanted to tell my story and share what caught my attention, especially as a first hand witness to the changes in Echo Park.

With much research and reading of articles, gentrification is a global issue. The term has been dated back to 1964 to British sociologist Ruth Glass and has stuck ever since. Glass noticed a change in her community, to which I relate to the changes in Echo Park.

I have learned that things will happen regardless, so I have to learn to accept what will be, but I can work to steer the change in a way that positively affects the community involved. Again, there are mixed emotions and strong opinions, mine included, on whether or no gentrification is good or bad, so please feel free to think what you wish. My hopes is that this topic has brought awareness to others on what is going on in the world which may be affecting someone you know. Let’s all work together in keeping our sense of community alive and have social justice as our goal when doing so.

I also realized and came to understand that change is inevitable. Unfortunately life rolls that way and we can either accept it and continue on or dwell on what was.

*Featured Image From L.A. Times


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