Month: December 2015

President’s Note

President’s Note  I would like to take this time to thank all readers this past semester. We, at The Athenian Print, have worked hard to keep your interests satisfied when choosing and writing stories. As the semester comes to an end, we would like to wish all Athenians and faculty a successful end of finals week and great Winter break.

How will you pass your finals?

Written by The Athenian Print Upon finishing the Fall 2015 semester, the circle begins to sound quieter, library seats start to fill, and coffee cups are being topped off in the cafe. It’s crunch time for students at the Mount. Here are what Athenians recommend preparing during finals week(s): “I make flashcards and quiz myself. I handwrite study guides.” -Melia Person, Sophomore. She also recommends to de-stress in between studying. Melia suggests pampering yourself by creating a mini spa, doing your nails and face masks.