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Keuchel and Arrieta your 2015 CY Young Award Winners

Written by Liz Charre, Staff Writer

With the offseason starting, several trades, awards, and winners have already been announced. However, this past Wednesday was a significant day for baseball starters as the CY Young Awards were announced. CY Young awards are given to the best pitchers in the MLB that have shown dominance throughout the entire season. This year’s CY Young Award winners are Houston Astros’ Dallas Keuchel and Chicago Cubs’ Jake Arrieta. Both of these pitchers showed great leadership, dominance, and strength throughout the 2015 season and postseason.

Dallas Keuchel is the third Astros pitcher in franchise history to win the Cy Young award. The last pitcher to win it for the team was Roger Clemens in 2004. As for the Chicago Cubs, Arrieta becomes the fifth pitcher in their organization to take home the Cy Young Award. Given their strong performances throughout the season, there is no doubt that it was a close call, especially for Jake Arrieta.

Going against both Dodgers’ starting pitchers Greinke and Kershaw, it was really down for the wire. Everyone expected Zack Greinke to take home this award because of his low era, win-to-lose ratio, and whip percentage was remarkable. However, toward the end of the season it was Arrieta who showed extreme dominance posting a 0.41 era and going 11-0 in 12 starts. His performance was historically great.

As both of these pitchers enjoy their awards, fans are turning to social media to express their reactions towards the votes and outcome. Based on your opinion who did you think should have won the CY Young Award? Were the votes accurate? Who did you expect to win? Did the committee get it right? Comment below on your opinions in regards to this story.


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