The unbelievable Ronda Rousey loses by knockout

Written by Liz Charre, Staff Writer

It’s always exciting to see Ronda Rousey inside the UFC ring because of how dominant she is in defeating her opponents. However, Saturday was a completely different story. As undefeated champs, both Holly Holms and Ronda Rousey made the match even more enjoyable to watch.

Unfortunately for all you Ronda Rousey fans, it was one for the books. The ultimate champion was knocked out cold in the second round by Holly Holms. Everybody was on their feet in Melbourne as they all witnessed one UFC’s greatest female competitors knockout, not to mention her first ever. Also, there has been only one other fight that Rousey fought past the first round and that was back in December 2013 where it exceeded to round three.

Before the fight commenced, competitors went over the rules of play and Rousey walked away soon after, without ever touching gloves with Holms. The first round was almost even, but with more punches and landings thrown by Holms, the judges favored her. Rousey, bleeding through her nose and jaws, was wobbling into the second round. With only 59 seconds into the second round, Rousey was knocked out with a few counter punches and a kick to the head. From there the referee signaled enough and Holms was pronounced the winner of the match. Rousey was instantly taken to a local hospital and was kept overnight for observations. She suffered a lip rip that needed to be sewn up and was checked for any concussion symptoms. Overall, from what her agents have addressed, Rousey is definitely seeking a rematch.

After medical attention, the UFC competitor is left with some things to consider, her bad sportsmanship, not playing her best match, being knocked out, and not being aware of her opponent’s strengths. As of now she has not made a statement about Saturday’s match, but potential fans are definitely wondering what will be next for the 11th-time champion.


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